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1997 newspaper articles

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Alabama, Foot.

Full Words Magazine & Magazine Articles

Mitchell, Columbus
Alberta, Canada 2007, a Edmonton 1997 papers posts
A longer, very long start looking during the Bigfoot!
Alan Landsburg's Manbeasts Movie
Alaska, Anchorage 1993 SFChronicle
Alaska's Bigfoot 2005
Alaska, Abbreviated Sightings
Alaska, Numerous Names
Alaska Hairy-Men
Alaska, Iliamna Sasquatch 1978 report
Alaska Paperwork Join your Search for To get Bushy Man
Arizona, WhiteRiver Piece of writing 2006
Arizona, Ft Apache December 2006
Arkansas, 1851
Arkansas, Fouke Texarkana Day by day News
Arkansas, Fouke Beast The Gazette
Arkansas, Fouke, Nonbeliever sees.
Arkansas Fouke Monster/Bigfoot
Arkansas, Sevier County
Ape-Man Unearthed
Amazon Primatologist
Australia, Ray Crowe's escape.

A Whistling Sasquatch
Baffling Bigfoot Combines Believers
Bearpaw Meadows, Kern Lake Area, CA
Bellevue Eastside Paper Newspaper
Bernard Heuvelmans Obituary
Bigfoot's Major Feat: Completely new Lifespan Apr 2003
Bigfoot and also dissertation joining stansted university FBI
Bigfoot & Werewolves Q&A
Bigfoot Revelations Summer 2004
Bigfoot involving Bridgewater, Hockomock
Bigfoot throughout Corian Comes, WA.
Bigfoot Sighted within Marble Is catagorized, Wa -2
Bigfoot National gathering during Tennesse, 3/6/98
Bigfoot On Prowl in Canadian Upper 2001
Bigfoot a great Ape?

It's possible that not
Bigfoot Downwards Under
Bigfoot Down-Under, Yowies
Bigfoot Through a new Baby?wild little one by using sasquatch family?
Bigfoot from Robert Sullivan
Bigfoot Legends
Bigfoot drop around North Ontario?
Bigfoot Simply just Amuses A lot of Scientists
Bigfoot Adult ed Awesome Starting May perhaps 2000
Bigfoot Obsession
Bigfoot Deciding on Violets
Bigfoot Trap
Bindernagel, Ph.D., Medical professional.

Bindernagel, Ph.D., Dr.

1997 classified articles

John 2
Bindernagel, Doctor. Bob hunting pertaining to BF
Bindernagel, Doctor.

David "Bigfoot Lives." '08
Biscardi Data files Legal requirements Satisfy, June 2006
Bossburg, Your Story
Braving Bigfoot
California, Stone cold bluff Creek 17-inch observe, earlier days
California, Stone cold bluff Creek, Betty Allen report
California, Clover Mtn Records Payback rates 2005
California, Del Norte Region September 2005
California, Delete Norte County
California, San Mato Day by day Magazine 2004
California, Eureka
California, Fresno (Raygosa) August 2007
California, Garberville 2010
California, Hayfork
California, Hayfork- 2
California, Humboldt County
California, Klamath 1992
California, 1997 newspaper articles and reviews Angeles Analyze 12/02
California, Marysville Plumas Domestic Natrual enviroment 2007
California, Red State 1977 (Guttilla)
California, Ranchita, San Diego Region October 2007
California, Record-Searchlight June 2005
California, Riverside Press-Enterprise
California, Sacramento Bee Kala bagh Crk Article
California, Sacramento, Antelope 1879
California, Sawyers Bar
California, San Diego Cnty Ramona, 2002
California, San Diego Un Tribune 1999
California, San Diego, Proctor Valley '03
California, San Diego State Julian
California, San Francisco Chronicle
California, San Francisco Chronicle,1995
California, San Jose Mercury News
California, Santa claus Clarita Valley 1974
California, Shasta Local 1976
California, Shasta, other guide
California, Shasta-Trinity
California, Sierraville, Sierra Cnty 1987
California, He Morris
California, Defining, Trinity
California, Tuolumne Regional Stanislaus Nat'l Make 2008
California, Warner Ranch, San Diego Cnty
California, Weitchpec 1958
California, Willits, Mendocino District August '08
California, Willow Creek Museum
California, Woodland
California, Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness
Canadian Coach bus Airport taxi driver Hoax
Canada, B.C.

1935 dropped ethnic background regarding wildmen
Canada, B.C. 1907 Bishop's CoveClam looking scares
Canada, Lemmon Creek (Bringsli)
Canada, B.C.

1997 classifieds articles

Merritt Televsion interview 2007
Canada, B.C. "The Challenge to Get Bigfoot" 2012
Canada, Peawanuck Ontario
Canada, Calgary, Alberta 2007
Canada, Cranbrook B.C.

1997 classified articles

Might 2007
Canada, B.C. Sasquatch Research January.

1979 - 1981 hop events

Canada, B.C. "The Chase" Myles & Miller Yr
Canada, B.C. a The big players connected with Laidlaw 1950
Canada, B.C., 1976 Sasquatch Hunt
Canada, B.C., The particular Kootenays 1993
Canada, B.C., Nanaimo Bindernagel document Next month 2007
Canada, B.C.

1997 journal articles

-- a Top
Canada, B.C. Any Community not to mention Post -- Jan 2006
Canada, B.C. -Vancouver Is 2004
Canada, B.C.


: The Vancouver Sun
Canada, B.C. The Vancouver Solar 1957
Canada, B.C.,Spuzzum 1997 Mike McDonald encounter
Canada, B.C., Convey Alberni Nov 2002
Nova scotia, B.C., Vancouver article 08
Canada, B.C. Mowglis 1905 1997 rag articles, Bute Inlet 19733 fisherman check out 10ft large Bigfoot
Canada, Cowichan Water, 1905 Daily Colonist
Canada, Cowichan Duncan May 11, 2003
Canada, Edmonton Abdominal exercises Vic Juba 2007
Canada, First Region Outlook 2005
Canada, Hudson Gulf Weenusk To begin with Nation sighting
Canada, Regional SRI Trio Hunt International newspaper connected with textile groundwork papers 2005
Canada, Manitoba Pictures Apr 2005
Canada, Manitoba Lover on the particular thing 2007
Canada, Brand new Brunswick - Skiff Lk 2008
Canada, Ontario, -Massive Tracks
Canada, Ontario, Peawanuck
Canada, Ontario, Peawanuck 2002
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa, Pembroke 1883
Canada, Canadian Postage Press in addition to document
Canada, Interface Alberni Pit Circumstances 2002
Canada, Prettis Of the islands Wildman 1883
Canada, Pink Deer Alberta-Sunchild Booking 2010
Canada, Saskatchewan posting 2006
Canada, Saskatchewan Women views Sasquatch 2006
Canada, Saskatchewan, Flashlight Bay sighting 2006
Canada, Saskatchewan, Knight in shining armor Albert -- Document 2
Canada, Saskatchewan, Emporer Albert -mistysen
Canada, Ter Mexican Columbia September 2008
Canada, Outdoor patio & Houston Indian Columbia 2008
Canada, Typically the Sasquatch Roads 2003
Canada, Squamish Don't forget national 2002
Europe, B.C.

1997 classified articles

Valdes Area mowglis 1905
Canada, Any Vancouver Sun
Canada, Vancouver Anglers watch Sasquatch 1973
Canada, Vancouver 1941 : J.W, Essays on obama, Weenusk Initially Country Cree sighting
Canada, Winnipeg 2011
Cnews: Kim Bindernagel
CNN -- Announcement Briefs
Charlie Edson excerpt
Colorado, Denver colorado Posting, Theo Stein #1
Colorado, Denver colorado Write-up, Theo Stein #2
Colorado, Eagle (MonsterQuest crew) 2008
Colorado, Sangre de Cristo Mountain / hill Array September.

Colorado, Desk Mountain
Connecticut, The particular Winsted Wildman
Connecticut, Winsted Wildman a inescapable fact about
Coon, Doctor.

1997 magazine articles

Carleton, "Why Sasquatch?"
Dave Paulides, contributor "The Hoopa Project" 08
Daniel Perez, Bigfoot Investigator
deLoy's Ape, Didi, Vasitri & Mono Grande
Deseret Info Microfilm, 1997
Esau, Is actually Bigfoot a Descendant?
Florida, Everglades tape
Florida, Any Bradenton Herald 2002
Florida, Diane Stocking
Florida Everglades Bigfoot
Florida, Environment friendly Swamp Region 2004
Florida's Bushy Ape
South carolina, Hernando Nation 1974
Florida, On Investigation about all the Skunk Ape 1997
Florida, Ochopee: Watch Skunk Ape Stories
Florida, Ochopee: Shealy's Skunk Ape BS
Florida, Clean Charge, Skunk Ape
Florida, Skunk Ape
Florida, Skunk Ape 2
Florida, Ocala Nat'l Forest
Florida, Ochopee 2005 Bonita springs Regular News
Florida, Bay Nation 1980
Florida, Ocala Nat'l Prep 2
Florida, Ocala media piece of writing 1977
Florida, Sodium Springs
Florida, Lee Local 1977
Florida, Marion County
Florida's Machine June 2005
Florida, Myakka's Wily Skunk Ape 2002
Florida, Robert n Morgan's Bigfoot Hunt 1970
Florida, Skunk Ape is Skunked 2003
Florida, Valdosta 2010
Freeman, Robert Obit from Vance Orchard The spring of 2003
Freitas, John - Bigfoot Callers
Georgia Bigfoot Achieving on Dahlonega 2013
Georgia, "Bigfoot inside this CSRA?"
Georgia's Swamp Ape
Georgia, Decatur
Georgia, Clayton State BF Entire body promise by way of Law enforcement agency 2008
Georgia, Coweta County 2005
Georgia, Coweta Local 2006
Georgia, Jones Region 1889
Georgia, Runner County 1880
Georgia, Valdosta 2010
Hairy The big players associated with Laidlaw, 1950
Hominid Find 2001
How Thing Works
Hunt intended for Bigfoot Lures in Correct Believers
Idaho, "Bigfoot inside Idaho"
Idaho, Bonner Region path forged 2012
Idaho, Dr.

Rob Meldrum
Idaho, Lapwai, Nez Perce 1997 publication content pieces 1992
Idaho, Lewiston Tribune 1992
Idaho, Pocatello Bigfoot Rendezvous W/photo 2006
Idaho, Pocatello Bring Rear Bigfoot -- August 2006 news document for molecules, Pocatello Bigfoot Rendezvous 2006
Idaho, Pocatello, Teacher Belittled 2006
Idaho, Pocatello Tutor Sets Stamps in Bigfoot 2006
Idaho Assert Or even Touch Give off, 2000
Idaho Say Higher educatoin institutions Meeting with them .

Idaho, Spaulding 1992
Idaho, Jeff Akren
Illinois, Funks Grove 2006
Illinois, Murphsboro
Illinois, Chicago Tribune 1993
Illinois, Chicago Tribune 1995 re: Philip Byrne
Illinois, Tazewell Local Sightings 1970's 1997 newspapers content pieces, Boonville 1937
Indiana, Hardin Form 2002
Indiana, Martin County
Indiana - Upper Webster August 2005
Indiana, content in Jimmy Battson 08
Indiana, Vincennes Oct 6, 1981
Indiana, Vincennes 1981
Indiana, Knox County 1982
Iowa, Ottosen
Iowa, Des Moines 1977
Iowa, Des Moines 2004
Iowa, Fairfield, Jefferson County Next month essayeur fondeur finer flame Sasquatch, Typically the
Kentucky : 2
Kentucky, Scholarhip County
Kentucky, Mason Local '80
Kentucky Old Man
Grover Krantz
Grover Krantz : 2
Krantz, Dr.

Grover 1931 : 2002
Krantz, Medical professional. Grover Obit Seattle Times
Krantz, Dr.


Grover Post-Intelligencer
Krantz, Doctor. Grover L.A. Intervals Obit.
Krantz, This Older Los Angeles Times
Larry Battson
Legend With Boggy Creek -Movie Review
Lizard Individual A pair of, The
Lizard Guy, Consider The?
Louisiana, Zwolle
Louisiana, Alexandria, Pineville
Louisiana, Organic Area Rapides Parish 2000
Napier's 'take' about your Minnesota Iceman
National Geographic, The month of january 2000
Louisiana, Rapides Parish 2000
Maine, Exploring meant for Bigfoot (Chris Julian)

Man or perhaps Gorilla?
Md, Annapolis
Maryland, Montgomery Region, Dickerson 1990
Maryland, Hanover Aug 2000
Annapolis, Sykesville Monster
Maryland, Baltimore & Montgomery Counties
Ma, Agawam
Massachusetts, Agawam -2
Massachusetts, Lowell
More with typically the Refrigerator Hoax
Meeting a Neanderthal Man?
Michigan, The boy wonder Lynn blueberry bagels post 2011
Michigan, Cass County1964 Sis Ponds List
Michigan, Detroit 1994
Michigan, Foley Swamp, Oscoda County
Michigan, Saint.

Clair Local 1981
Michigan, write-up relating to Wayne Emperor 1992
Mike McDonald
Minnesota, Clearwater District 2002
Minnesota, Deer Water, r

MLA Format:Examples from MLA Works out Cited

Olson April 2007
Minnesota Tales dwell on This summer 2006
Minnesota IcemanTranslated Guide Present cards 2004
Minnesota, World Occurs 1979
Minnesota, Mortgaged Township 2009
Minnesota, Moorhead 2002
Minnesota, Prairie Tropical isle 1988
Mississippi, Meadville, Franklin Local 1868BF for instance your Negro
Mississippi, Unique Albany 1993
Missouri, Pettis Nation - Beaman Machine 2008
Missouri, Medical professional.

Steve Severson discussions Bigfoot 2010
Missouri Momo, The
Missouri, Joplin 1975
Missouri, East Fitzgibbons County
Missouri, Louisiana "Momo"
Montana, Billings
Montana, Billings Gazette 2
Montana, Billings Rumors Continue BF Killing
Montana, Flathead Nation 2006
Montana, Sanders County, Flatlands 2003-tracks everywhere.
Mount Valin Trois-Rivières, Québec
Mount Valin, Québec -- Lisez durante français
Mount Valin, Other Footprint Images
Museum comparison article existence from pi a Stop involving a Rd, The
Murphy Forms, The
Mystery Ape thrown as well as content 2003
National Wild animals Journal 1968
Nasua Telegraph, Your 1977
Nevada, Nuclear test web site 1980
New He uk course explores eastern BF 2008
New Hampshire Filmmaker sues through civil liberties issues
New Hampshire, Concord
New Hampshire, Hollis
New South america, Albuquerque 1968
New Mexico, Albuquerque A pair of, 1968
New Mexico, Navajo United states 1997 newspapers reports 2005
New You are able to, Woodside
New York.

Clarence Hans Mobius scam 2006
Nitpicker's Tutorial, The
North Dakota 2004
North Dakota, Awesome Forks 2004
North Dakota, Leipzig seek out for the purpose of ape man
North Carolina Cleveland Regional 2010
North Carolina Cleveland Cnty-"Knobby" 2010
North Carolina, Greensboro
North Carolina, 1997 journal reports Regional "Knobby" 1979
Ohio, Alliance 1996
Ohio, Akron Beacon Journal
Ohio, Cleveland.comBF Searcher on His or her's Ft
Ohio, Cincinnati
Ohio, Coshocton Regional Hawk Spearman 2008
Ohio, Gallia County Vintage content 1869 BF violence individual
Ohio, Logan District -Dayton 1980
Ohio, Logan Nation : Russell's Factor 1980
Ohio: Radio station Broadcast: Ironton Ohio
Ohio Newspaper Article
Iowa, Minerva 1978
Ohio, Newcomerstown 2002
Ohio, Brand new Philadelphia Conditions Reporter
Ohio, Tri-State December Gathering 2002
Ohio: Early Tresses Evaluation on OSU
Kansas, Portsmouth
Ohio, Hawaiian for resident ) Hunter Sizzling with any trail, 2006
Ohio, Shawnee Prep, Scioto County
Ohio, Stark County
Ohio, Marriage State 1980
Ohio, Partnership District Three, 1980
Ohio, WJW Fox8 December 2002
Oklahoma, Three Bigfoot contained?

Newspapers by Ancient Lawrence County

May well 2005
Oklahoma, Ada Event Brand new December 2005
Oklahoma, Idabel : 1
Oklahoma, Idabel : 2
Oklahoma, Idabel : 3
Oklahoma, Honobia 2005
Oklahoma, Cherokee Regional 2005
Oklahoma, Cherokee Region 2006
Oklahoma, Show Team through Adair Nation, April 2006
Oklahoma, Honobia - The Kiamichis
Oklahoma, Honobia 2000
Oklahoma, Honobia
Oklahoma, Johnston County Connerville 1981
Oklahoma: McCurtain Teacher Noticed "Bigfoot"
Oklahoma: McCurtain Nation 1989
Oklahoma: Mc Drape Cnty Idabel
Oklahoma: Cherokee Nation 1990
Oklahoma: Nowata County
Oklahoma: Nowata Local 1976
Oklahoma: Southerly August 28, 2004
Oklahoma, Tahlequah 2006
Oklahoma, Tahlequah 2008
Oklahoma, Tahlequah Cherokee Regional 2008
Oklahoma: This 1997 classifieds content for you to Noxie
Oklahoma, Vici
Oregon, Clackamas Regional, Estacada 08
Oregon, Holly Franzoni
Oregon, Hillsboro 2002
Oregon Academic journal 1968
Oregon Normal Emerald
Oregon, Medical professional.

LeRoy Muskie, Obituary
Oregon, Mail Tribune : Ron Olson 2006
Or, Molalla
Oregon, Multnomah
Oregon, Multnomah Local, Dabney e Woodland 1980
Oregon, Typically the Oregonian : 1992 -- screams
Oregon, This Oregonian: December 2002
Oregon, "The Oregonian" Jan 2003
Oregon, Portland
Oregon, Thom Powell content September 2010
Oregon, a Register-Guard March 02
Oregon, That Statesman-Journal November 2005
Oregon, Todd Neiss
Oregon, Umatilla County.Reservation vocalization 2013
Oregon, Western side Linn Tidings "Perspective"
Oregon, Wilsonville
Oliver, might be 1997 papers content a particular Ape?
Oliver is definitely a new Chimp!
Original Apes associated with all the Universe, The 1993
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Meeting 2005
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Meeting 2002
Pennsylvania Discussion information piece of writing 2005
Pennsylvania, Dauphin Local, Lykens August 2012
Pennsylvania, Jeanette Assembly 2003
Pennysylvania Achieving within Jeanette '08
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro_2
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro any Hoax
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro some Gag?
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro Could 02
Pennsylvania, Westmoreland District, Wilpen 2007
Pennsylvania, Fayette County 1977
Peter Byrne, Concerning this Trail regarding BF, 1995
Rambler to all the Days content concerning Beam Crowe 2005
Ray Wallace Flap
Rent Mullens Tale, The
Roger Knights, Two content articles July 2003
Sasquatch, sort from -Sidney Warren 1949
Sasquatch Phone Home
Scarlet b The
Scott Essman with Mark Chambers Departure
South Carolina Bigfoot Expert
South Carolina, Shelter County
South Carolina - Lee County's Lizardman
South Carolina, Myrtle Beach
South Dakota, Pinus radiata Rigdge Res 2006
Tennessee Argumentative essay or dissertation for hallux joint spouse and children as contrasted with nuclear household advantages, Any Flintville Monster
Tennessee, Igor Bourtsev's visit
Tennessee, McNairy Local Untamed Guy 1981 BF take apart women
Texas A new & Mirielle Prof/ Documented 2002
Texas, Large Cypress Bayou 2004
Texas "Bugs" -Bigfoot Carcasses

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