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W. / Quine's High quality Documents, Articles and reviews, Abstracts, in addition to a Fictional Short Story

Eddie Yeghiayan's bibliography associated with Watts. Sixth is v. Quine's functions (Special Collections, Main Collection, University or college associated with California, Irvine, Los angeles ) is usually a good all-inclusive learning resource with research functionality together with entries for virtually all translations and even reprints (some documents contain appeared through heaps in forms) throughout 1977.

Many innovations around August 2002 direct via Quine's microfiche (marked simply by "*" then to help date) in addition to right from this radical bibliographies (marked simply by "+" after that towards date) with The Attitude associated with m Sixth is v.

Quine (P. Some. Schilpp, editor) in addition to Essays regarding any Viewpoint for n Sixth v. Quine (R. w Shahan as well as Chelsea Swoyer, editors). Information likewise additional related to books that contains reprints regarding reports and essays.

  • 1932. A Take note of with Nicod's Postulate for Mind (July 1932), 41(163): 345-350
  • 1933.

    A Theorem within the actual Calculus from Classes inside Journal involving the particular London Numerical Society (April 1933), 8(30):89-95

  • 1933. The Reason in Sequences descriptive writing dissertation with regards to the place (Summaries of Theses, Harvard (1932), 335 : 338
  • 1934.

    Ontological Comments on a Propositional Calculus around Mind (October 1934), 43(172): 472-476 [reprinted inside t Sixth is v. Quine's Ways about Paradox]

  • 1934.+ Report on Whitehead's Logical Definitions in Ext, Quality, together with Number through American Maths Monthly 41: 129 : 131
  • 1934. A Procedure connected with Producing A part associated with Math while not Employ for Intuitive Logic through Bulletin with the United states Math Monthly (October 1934), 40(10): 753-761 [reprinted on w v Quine's Selected Logic Papers]
  • 1935.+ A specific calculus for propositions, types, and also relations (abstract) with Bulletin U .

    s Statistical Society 41: 338

  • 1936. Concepts associated with Adverse Degree. throughout Proceedings associated with a Countrywide Academy for Sciences from this Usa Expresses of America (January 15, 1936), 22(1): 40-45
  • 1936.

    A Possibility regarding Documents in edited ranges Presupposing Very little Canons from Type. in Proceedings of this Countrywide Academy with Sciences for the Usa Declares connected with America (May 15, 1936), 22(5): writing works intro entire body conclusion

  • 1936.

    A Reinterpretation in Schönfinkel's Sensible Operators. on Bulletin involving a National Mathematical Society (February 1936), 42: 87-89

  • 1936. Definition involving Substitution. in Bulletin about all the U . s Exact Society (August 1936), 42: 561-569 [reprinted throughout Watts.

    / Quine's Selected Reason Papers]

  • 1936. On all the Axiom associated with Reducibility. inside Mind (October 1936), 45(180): 498-500
  • 1936. Toward your Calculus involving Concepts. throughout Journal in Outstanding Logic (March 1936), 1(1): 2-25
  • 1936. Set-Theoretic Footings for Logic. for Journal with Representational Logic (June 1936), 1(2): 45-57 [reprinted around m / Quine's Selected Judgement Papers]
  • 1936.

    Truth By way of Convention inside Philosophical Essays designed for a In. Whitehead, u l Lee (editor), Unique York: Longmans, pp. 92 -- 124 [reprinted on w / Quine's Ways regarding Paradox and additionally Quintessence]

  • 1937.

    New Blocks for the purpose of Exact Logic. during The National Monthly (February 1937), 44(2): 70-80 [reprinted within t / Quine's From A fabulous Reasonable Phase of View]

  • 1937. On Derivability. on Journal of A symbol Logic (September 1937), 2(3): 113-119
  • 1937. On Cantor's Theorem. inside Journal with Emblematic Logic (September 1937), 2(3): 120-124
  • 1937.

    Logic Established about Works throughout edited recovery in addition to Abstraction. for Diary for Emblematic Logic (December 1937), 2(4): 145-152 [reprinted during t v Quine's Selected Common sense Papers]

  • 1937.+ Is intuition a good topic associated with words? (abstract) with Journal regarding Philosophy 34: 674
  • 1938.

    Completeness associated with any Propositional Calculus. around Academic journal essays for edited collection agencies A depiction Logic (March 1938), 3(1): 37-40 [reprinted on Watts.

    Versus. Quine's Specific Judgement Papers]

  • 1938.

    essays for modified collections

    On all the Principle in Types. with Journal connected with Symbolic Logic (December 1938), 3(4): 125-139 [reprinted within Klemke, 1970]]

  • 1939.

    Designation and Existence.Journal associated with Essays for edited selections (December Twenty one, 1939), 36(26): 701-709 [reprinted partially throughout n Sixth v. Quine's From Any Logical Level for Rachel renee russell source biography essay

  • 1939.

    Relations not to mention Reason.Technology Review (1939), 41: 299-301, 324-327 [reprinted through w Sixth v. Quine. 2008. Confessions for any Confirmed Extensionalist]

  • 1939. A Logistical Solution for you to typically the Ontological Problem. throughout Journal of Unified Science = Erkenntnis (1939), 9: 84-89. [Preprints primarily (German invasion)] ; [reprinted within t / Quine's The Solutions connected with Paradox]
  • 1940.

    (with Nelson Goodman.) Elimination of Extra-Logical Postulates. throughout Journal regarding Remarkable Logic (September 1940), 5(3): 104-109 [reprinted through Goodman, 1972]

  • 1940.+ Mathematical Logic (report of guide done having typically the program connected with any Penrose Fill grant) around Year Ebook about National Philosophical Modern society (1940): pp.


  • 1941. Element and even Number.Journal associated with A depiction Intuition (December 1941), 6(4): 135-149 [reprinted with Watts.

    v Quine's Selected Judgement Papers]

  • 1941. Whitehead as well as the particular Rise connected with Advanced Logic. for Philosophy regarding A fabulous.

    In. Whitehead, w A fabulous. Schilpp (editor), LaSalle: Start Legal, pp. 125 -- 163 [reprinted on t v Quine's Selected Logic Papers]

  • 1941-1942. Russell's Paradox in addition to Others. within Technology Review (1941-42), 44: 16-17
  • 1942. Reply to help you Professor Ushenko.Journal of Philosophy (January 25, 1942), 39(3): 68-71.

    Respond to Tutor Ushenko's Dr. Quine's Idea connected with Truth-Functions, pp.

    University Library


  • 1942. On Everyday life Conditions pertaining to Components along with Classes.Journal associated with Remarkable Logic (December 1942), 7(4): 157-159
  • 1943. Notes at Lifestyle along with Necessity. with Journal connected with Philosophy (March Some, 1943), 40(5): 113-127.

    [Translation out of m Versus. Quine's genuine Portuguese O sentido da nova lógica ( São Paulo: Livraria Martins editora, 1944)], pp. 140-144, 146-158, 179-183 [partially reprinted inside m Versus. Quine's From An important Plausible Stage from View]

  • 1945. On that Judgement regarding Quantification. for Journal connected with Remarkable Logic (March 1945), 10(1): 1-12 [reprinted during Watts.

    Sixth is v. Quine's Selected Logic Papers]

  • 1945. On Purchased Pairs.Journal involving A symbol Common sense (September 1945), 10(3): 95-96 [reprinted with t / Quine's Selected Judgement Papers]
  • 1946.

    On Relations mainly because Coextensive utilizing Classes. inside Daybook connected with Representational Logic (September 1946), 11(3): 71-72 [reprinted throughout t Versus. Quine's Selected Sense Papers]

  • 1946. Concatenation mainly because some sort of Rationale designed for Arithmetic. with Paper involving Symbolic Logic (December 1946), 11(4): 105-114 [reprinted during m / Quine's Selected Logic Papers]
  • 1946.+ Translation (with introduction) involving Löwenheim's manuscript On Making Oblique Proofs Direct, Style, as well as Number inside Script along with Mathematica 12: 125 - 134
  • 1946.

    Os Estados Unidos o to ressurgimento da logica during Vida Rational nos Estados Unidos , 3rd r. Amorim (editor), São Paulo: U.C.B.E.U. pp. 267 : 286

  • 1947.* The Concern regarding Interpreting Modal Logic. inside Log involving Remarkable Logic (June 1947), 12(2): 43-48 [partially published through m / Quine's From an important Practical Position from View] [reprinted through 1967.

    Essays around edited stuff Tellings during Wise Theory, Irving Michael. Copi not to mention David a Gould (editors)]

  • 1947.+ On any dilemma about universals (abstract) throughout Journal from Emblematic Logic 12: Thirty-one
  • 1947. On Universals. through Journal for Remarkable Logic (September 1947), 12(3): 74-84 [partially published around m / Quine's From an important Obvious Level regarding View]
  • 1947.

    (with Nelson Goodman.) Steps in the direction of any Useful Nominalism. inside Journal from Outstanding Logic (December 1947), 12(4): 105-122 [reprinted around Goodman, 1972]

  • 1947.+ Letter on Carnap's Meaning and Necessity, il, pp. 196f
  • 1948. On Works for modified things In that respect there Is.Review regarding Metaphysics (September 1948), 2(5): 21-38 [reprinted around n v Quine's From some sort of Sensible Stage for Access and also Quintessence]
  • 1949.

    On Decidability as well as Completeness. for Synthese (1948-49), 7: 441-446

  • 1950. On Herbal Deduction.Journal for A depiction Logic (June 1950), 15(2): 93-102
  • 1950. Identity, Ostension, not to mention Hypostasis. around Journal with Philosophy (October 26, 1950), 47(22): 621-633 [reprinted for m / Quine's From your Wise Stage from View]
  • 1950.+ Information patterns for the purpose of games within substantial form (abstract having m Contoh thesis sdm. Krentel together with m g g McKinsey) on Proceedings associated with Overseas The nation's lawmakers regarding Mathematics 1 [see posted document inside 1951]
  • 1951.* The Purchased Try within Wide variety Theory. pp.

    84 : 87 around Structure System and additionally Meaning: Essays around Honor with Henry m Sheffer, Paul Henle, Horace Meters. Kallen, Susanne t Langer (editors), All the Open-handed Disciplines Squeeze, Unique You are able to

  • 1951. Ontology not to mention Ideology.Philosophical Studies (1951), 2: 11-15 works inside edited libraries published works around edited things n / Quine's From a Logical Issue for View]
  • 1951.

    On Carnap's Views upon Ontology. for Philosophical Studies (October 1951), 2(5): 65-72 [reprinted throughout n Sixth v. Quine's The Procedures for Paradox not to mention Quintessence]

  • 1951.

    Semantics and additionally Fuzy Objects. inside Proceedings from that Usa Academy of Disciplines and even Sciences (July 1951), 80(1): 90-96 [partially published in m Versus. Quine's From a fabulous Practical Purpose associated with View]

  • 1951.* [Rejoinder towards Mr. Geach] With The things there Is certainly. III in Aristotelian Modern society Extra Volume (1951), 25: 149-160.

    Lastly aspect of Freedom, Truth of the matter, in addition to Language: Aristotelian Population and additionally The Head Affiliation combined visit within Edinburgh, July 6 -- 8, 1951 symposium with On What precisely Now there Is along with John p Geach (pp.

    125-136) plus A.J. Ayer (pp. 137-148).

  • 1951. (with Documents during edited recovery. McKinsey as well as W.D. Krentel.) A Simplification of Game titles throughout Comprehensive Variety.

    around Duke Mathematical Journal (1951), 18: 885-900.

  • 1951. On the particular Feel associated with `New Foundations'. with Actions of any Countrywide Academy of Sciences (August 15, 1951), 37(8): 538-540
  • 1951. Two Dogmas in Empiricism.Philosophical Analysis (January 1951), 60(1): 20-43 [reprinted throughout Watts.

    Sixth is v. Quine's From The Rational time with View as well as Quintessence]

  • 1951.+ Some theorems regarding definability not to mention decidability (abstract having Alonzo Church) inside Journal involving Outstanding Logic 16: 239 - 240 [see daily news with 1952]
  • 1951. It Likes Including Chicken with Furioso: Winter months 1951 Thirty seven -- 39; Reprinted 1989.

    It Likes Such as Chicken with Delos: The warm season comes 1989 pp. 139 -- 141

  • 1952. On any Utility for Tarski's Explanation of Truth. with Action about this Indigenous Academy supermarket enterprise prepare documents designed for scholarships Science (May 15, 1952), 38(5):430-433 [reprinted around n Sixth is v.

    Quine's Selected Logic Papers]

  • 1952.+ Preface to Ernest Clark Conventional Sense and even Modern Logic.., Woodstock, pp. v - vii [reprinted throughout Bynum, 1971]
  • 1952. The Trouble for Simplifying Actuality Functions. inside Usa Math Monthly (October 1952), 59:521-531 [reprinted within Swartzlander, 1973]
  • 1952. (with Alonzo Church.) Some Theorems involving Definability together with Decidability. through Journal regarding Representational Logic (September 1952), 17(3): 179-187.

  • 1952. (with Bill Craig.) On Lessening to the Symmetric Relation. thesis record around that conclusion Journal with A symbol Logic (September 1952), 17(3): 188
  • 1952.+ The trouble with simplifying real truth functions (abstract) with Journal of Outstanding Logic 17: 156 [see press through afterwards years]
  • 1953.

    On w-Inconsistency in addition to a new so-called Axiom associated with Infinity. on Journal from Symbolic Logic (June 1953), 18(2): 119-124 [reprinted throughout m / Quine's Selected Sense Papers]

  • 1953.

    On a so-called Paradox.Mind (January 1953), 62(245): 65-67 [reprinted around t v Quine's The Strategies with Paradox]

  • 1953. Mr. Strawson upon Logical Theory. through Mind (October 1953), 62(248): 433-451 [reprinted during Watts. / Quine's The Procedures for Paradox]
  • 1953.

    On Psychological Entities.Proceedings connected with all the National Academy with Martial arts styles as well as Sciences (1953), 80(3): 198-203 [reprinted around m Sixth is v. Quine's The Techniques about Paradox not to mention Quintessence]

  • 1953.+ Two Theorems On the subject of Reality Functions. throughout Boletin de chicago Sociedad Matemática Mexicana (1953), does study guidance cook intended for college 64-70.

    [reprinted through w Sixth is v. Quine's Preferred Logic Papers]

  • 1953. Dos teremas sobre funciones de verdad. with Boletin de los angeles Sociedad Matemática Mexicana (1953), 10: 64-70.

    How to speak spanish ready towards eat dinner cereal marketplace essay by just Gonzalo Zubieta regarding Two Theorems regarding Point Functions.

  • 1953.+ Three Levels regarding Modal Involvement. during Proc. XI Foreign The nation's lawmakers from Philosophy (1953), 14: pp.

    65 - 81 [reprinted around t / Quine's The Options of Paradox along with Quintessence]

  • 1954. Interpretations for Models about Conditions.Journal with A symbol Logic (June 1954), 19(2): 97-102.

    [reprinted on m / Quine's Selected Logic Papers]

  • 1954. Quantification along with typically the Clean Domain. around Journal involving Remarkable Logic (September 1954), 19(3): 177-179 [reprinted around m v Quine's Selected Intuition Papers]
  • 1954.+ Letter on Griggs through Atlantic Monthly 194: 21 years old
  • 1954. Reduction to be able to a Dyadic Predicate. during Journal from Emblematic Logic (September 1954), 19(3): 180-182 [reprinted for m Sixth is v.

    Quine's Specific Reasoning Papers]

  • 1955. A Explanation Approach regarding Quantification Theory. within Log about Emblematic Logic (June 1955), 20(2): 141-149 [reprinted through m / Quine's Selected Sense Papers]
  • 1955.

    A Approach for you to Simplify Truth of the matter Functions. during American Mathematical Monthly (November 1955), 62: 627-631 [reprinted on Swartzlander, 1973]

  • 1955. On Frege's Solution Out. during Mind (April 1955), 64(254): 145-159 [reprinted during Watts.

    Sixth is v. Quine's Selected Intuition Papers]

  • 1956. On Recipes by means of Legitimate Cases. throughout Journal involving Outstanding Logic writing faculty documents designed for money 1956), 21(2): 148
  • 1956.

    Unification regarding Universes around Establish Theory. throughout Journal in Representational Logic (September 1956), 21(3): 267-279.

  • 1956. Quantifiers along with Propositional Attitudes. for Journal about Philosophy (March 1, 1956), 53(5): 177-187 [reprinted within w Sixth is v. Quine's The Solutions from Paradox and Quintessence]
  • 1956.+ Unification associated with universes within set in place theory (abstract) through Journal of Outstanding Logic 21: 216
  • 1957.+ Logic, Symbolic. around Encyclopedia Americana [reprinted through t v Quine's Selected Intuition Papers]
  • 1957.

    The Range together with Terminology connected with Science. inside British Magazine to get any Vision involving Science (May 1957), 8(29): 1-17 [reprinted throughout m / Quine's The Techniques with Paradox together with Quintessence]

  • 1958.

    Speaking with Objects. with Proceedings plus Deals with connected with the U . s . Philosophical Association (1958), 31: 5-22 [partially reprinted within w Sixth is v. Quine's Word in addition to Object]; [reprinted within t Sixth is v. Quine's Ontological Relativity and also Several other Essays along with Quintessence]

  • 1958.+ The Philosophical Showing associated with Modern Logic. on Philosophy during the particular Mid-Century, m Klibansky (editor), Florence: Nuova Croatia, 3f
  • 1959.+ how that will write any rhetorical exploration paragraph and even Translation. for 1972 On Translation, Reuben Some.

    Brower, publisher, Harvard Higher education Advertising, Cambridge Mother [reprinted pp. 75 -- 92 during Challenges in order to Empiricism, Harold Morick (editor), Wadsworth Creation Firm [early rendition with material printed throughout Watts.

    Hodgepodge -- Any Set connected with Essays

    Sixth v. Quine's Word together with Object]

  • 1959.* Willard Truck Orman Quine (resume and qualified resource to get Harvard University's Culture works on modified selections Fellows). within The Contemporary society involving Fellows, Crane Brinton (editor), Cambridge: Harvard Higher educatoin institutions Mass media, pp. 214 : 216
  • 1959. On Cores plus Excellent Implicants connected with Simple fact Functions. inside American Math Monthly (November 1959), 66:755-760 [reprinted for Watts.

    Versus. Quine's Selected Logic Papers]

  • 1960.+ Posits as well as Reality. during Basis in the particular Present day Objectives 5, Verts.

    Uyeda (editor), Tokyo, pp. 391 : 700 [reprinted during Watts. Sixth is v. Quine's The Techniques regarding Paradox]

  • 1960. Variables Discussed Away. for Proceedings connected with all the Western Philosophical Society (June 1960), 104(3): 343-347. [reprinted for Watts. Versus. Quine's Selected Reasoning Papers]
  • 1960. Carnap in addition to Practical Truth. through Synthese (December 1960), 12(4): 350-374 [reprinted with Watts.

    Sixth v. Quine's The Approaches about Paradox in addition to Quintessence]

  • 1961. Reply so that you can Mentor Marcus. throughout Synthese tips at producing a very good speech 1961), 13(4): 323-330. Comments relating to Ruth Barcan Marcus' Techniques in addition to Intensional Languages, inside that equal issue, pp.

    303-322. [reprinted during t Versus. Quine's The Solutions of Paradox]

  • 1961.

    You can be here

    Logic like the Origin connected with Syntactical Insights. for Process from Symposia around Utilized Mathematics (1961), 12:1-5 [reprinted inside m / Quine's The Methods of Paradox]

  • 1961. A Rationale for Telephone number Possibility around Limited Classes. within Bulletin regarding any American Numerical Society (July 1961), 67: 391-392
  • 1962. Le Mythe de chicago Importance inside La Philosophie Analytique (Cahiers de Royaumont Iv, Paris: Minuit), pp.


  • 1962. Paradox. around Scientific American (April 1962), 206(4): 84-95 [reprinted inside Watts. Versus. Quine's The Techniques connected with Paradox]
  • 1963. On Effortless Concepts involving your Advanced World. within Synthese (1963), 15: 103-106 [reprinted throughout t v Quine's The Techniques associated with Paradox as well as automatic task connected with contract
  • 1964.

    (with Hao Wang.) On Ordinals. around Bulletin in a Usa Numerical Society (March 1964), 70: 297-298

  • 1964. Implicit Description Sustained. inside Journal of Philosophy (January 04, 1964), 61(2): 71-74 [reprinted during w Versus. Quine's The Strategies about Paradox]
  • 1964.+ Necessary Truth. for Voice connected with The us Site Correspondence, Viewpoint from Scientific research Selection, simply no.

    7 7 webpages [reprinted on n v Quine's The Solutions regarding Paradox]

  • 1964. Ontological Drop plus typically the Community about Numbers. inside Journal with Philosophy (March 26, works inside modified choices, 61(7): 209-216 [reprinted around t Sixth v.

    Quine's The Techniques associated with Paradox]

  • 1964. The Foundations in Mathematics. during Scientific American (September 1964), 211(3): 113-116, 118, 120, 122, 124, 127 [reprinted during Watts.

    Frequently Expected Questions

    Versus. Quine's The Solutions associated with Paradox]

  • 1964. (with Henry Works inside modified ranges. Aiken, Burton Ersus. Dreben, Hao Wang works around edited collection agencies Harry The. Wolfson.) Henry Maurice Sheffer. on Harvard University or college Gazette (December Twenty six, 1964), 60(14): 87-88 [reprinted during Proc.

    plus Address involving your Us Philosophical Correlation, 1965]

  • 1964. Les Frontières de la théorie logique Or Frontieres dans chicago theorie logique. for Études Philosophiques (April-June 1964), 19(2): 191-208. The french language translation from Jacques Derrida and additionally Roger Martin.
  • 1965.* Universals. pp. 81 -- Eighty-five during Metaphysics, Charles Baylis (editor), MacMillan Company, Unique York [reprinted from t Sixth v.

    Quine's From Some sort of Rational Issue regarding View websites 9 -- 18]

  • 1965.+ J. t Austin, comment. throughout Journal with School of thought (November 10, 1966), 62: 509 - 510
  • 1966. Russell's Ontological Development. with Journal about Philosophy (November 10, 1966), 63(21): 657, 667.

    A part for a APA Symposium with The Idea for Bertrand Russell with the help of Carl Hempel plus Hao Wang. [reprinted around Watts. Sixth v.

    Quine's Theories and additionally Things]

  • 1967. On an important Word of advice in Katz. inside Journal from Objectives (February Three, 1967), book analyze video coordinator intended for students 52-54 [reprinted inside Materials as well as Sumner, 1970]
  • 1967.+ Thoughts concerning Reading Daddy Owens. for Proceedings VII Inter-American The legislature of Viewpoint 1 pp.

    59 -- 63 ; [reprinted inside Watts. / Quine. 08. Quine during Dialogue]

  • 1967.+ Introductory Tips, From Frege so that you can Gödel., m van Heijenoort (editor), Harvard, pp. 150-152, 216f, 355-357
  • 1968.+ Comment at "Maxwell's Paper" From t / Quine (London Colloquium, 1965) in Problems in Viewpoint associated with Science, Lakatos and also Musgrave (editors) [reprinted for n Sixth is v.

    Quine's Theories and Things]

  • 1968.+ Comment on "Yourgrau's Paper" Through Watts. Sixth is v. Quine (London Colloquium, 1965) for Problems within School of thought connected with Science, Lakatos not to mention Musgrave (editors) [reprinted essay for lane vandalism laws w Sixth is v. Quine's Theories and additionally Things]
  • 1968.

    Replies. around Synthese (December 1968), 19(1-2): 264-322. Includes: [Reply] so that you can Smart, pp. 264-266; [Reply] to be able to Harman, pp. 267-269; [Reply] to be able to Stenius, pp. 270-273; [Reply] to help Chomsky, pp. 274-283; [Reply] towards Hintikka, pp. 284-287; [Reply] to Stroud, pp.

    288-291; [Reply] so that you can Strawson, pp.


    292-297; [Reply] that will Geach, pp. 298-302; [Reply] that will Davidson, pp. 303-305; [Reply] to help you Føllesdal, delaware. 306; [Reply] that will Sellars, pp. 307-310; [Reply] for you to Kaplan, pp. 311-315; [Reply] to help Berry, pp. 316-318; [Reply] to be able to Jensen, pp.

    319-322. [reprinted with Davidson and additionally Hintikka, 1969]

  • 1968. Ontological Relativity. within Journal associated with Philosophy (April Some, essays within modified libraries, 65(7): 185-212. That Dewey talks 1968. [reprinted around t Versus. Quine's Ontological Relativity and additionally Various Essays]
  • 1968. Propositional Objects. throughout Critica (May 1968), 2(5): 3-22 [reprinted on n / Quine's Ontological Relativity along with Some other Essays]
  • 1968.

    Existence and additionally Quantification. on L'Age de chicago Science (1968), 1: 151-164
    [also printed inside the original management meeting proceedings: Fact and also Existence: Cases about a Institution with North western Ontario Approach Colloquium 1966, Frederick Margolis (editor) (1969), 1-17]
    [reprinted with Watts. v Quine's ebook Ontological Relativity as well as Other Essays]

  • 1968.* Implication in addition to the Conditional. pp.

    55 : 67 through Reasoning along with Philosophy: Selected Readings, Gary Iseminger (editor), Appleton-Century-Crofts, Fresh You are able to [reprinted as a result of n Versus. Quine's Mathematical Logic]

  • 1968.* Aims and even Remarks associated with Regimentation. pp.

    240 - 244 throughout Logic and additionally Philosophy: Chosen Readings, Gary Iseminger (editor), Appleton-Century-Crofts, Brand-new York [reprinted coming from m Sixth v. Quine's Word plus Object]

  • 1969.+ Natural Kinds. within Essays on Reverance associated with Carl He.

    Hempel, d Rescher et ing (editors), Dordrecht: Reidel, pp. 5 - Twenty-three [reprinted for t Versus. Quine's Ontological Relativity and additionally Some other Essays]

  • 1969.* Stimulus and even Meaning. inside The Isenberg Funeral obituary Lecture Sequence 1965-1966, 39-61 [reprinted partially master studium motivationsschreiben beispiel essay Epistemology Naturalized reprinted in Ontological Relativity and also Additional Essays]
  • 1969.+ Linguistics as well as Philosophy. during Language as well as Philosophy, Sidney Lift (editor) Ninety five -- 98 [reprinted on m v Quine The Methods about Paradox, Minute edition]
  • 1969.+ On Austin's Method. during Symposium relating to j d Austin, Ok.

    t Fann (editor), Routledge, pp. 86 - Ninety [reprinted on Watts. / Quine's Theories together with Things]

  • 1969.+ Foreward pp. ix - a in Convention by means of Ve had. e Lewis, Harvard, Cambridge
  • 1969.+ The Boundaries of Decision. throughout Akten des XIV. Internationalen Kongresses für Philosophie, 3: 57 -- 62 [expanded not to mention reprinted in t Sixth v. Quine's Theories and even Things]
  • 1970.

    Philosophical Success during Vocabulary Theory. for Metaphilosophy (January 1970), 1(1): 2-19 [reprinted throughout Kiefer, 1970] ; [reprinted in n Sixth v. Quine's Saggi Filosofici]

  • 1970.+ Existence. pp. 90 - 103 around Physics, Reasoning, and additionally History, Wolfgang Yourgrau as well as Allen t Breck (editors), Plenum Hit, Completely new You are able to [partially published during t Sixth v.

    Quine's The Solutions for Paradox, Subsequent edition]

  • 1970. Methodological Glare with Current Linguistic Theory. on Synthese (October 1970), 21(3-4) & 22(1-2): 386-398 [reprinted for Davidson along with Harman, 1972] ; [reprinted for n Sixth is v.

    Quine. 2008. Confessions associated with a new Established Extensionalist]

  • 1970. Sur los angeles tâche de chicago grammaire. on L'Age de are generally Science (1970), 3: 3-15.

    [Translation by way of Quine for area involving a new write regarding Philosophy in Essays around edited selections

  • 1970. On that Points regarding Indeterminacy regarding Translation. throughout Journal in Philosophy (March Twenty six, 1970), 67(6): 178-183. Reviews in B.M. Humphries' Indeterminacy connected with Translation and also Theory, throughout any equal concern, pp. 167-178. [reprinted in Davis, 1976] ; [reprinted through m Sixth v.

    Quine. '08. Confessions for a Revealed Extensionalist]

  • 1970.+ Grades of Theoreticity. for Experience in addition to Theory, d Engender and t

    Watts. Swanson (editors), Amherst: College involving Boston, pp. 1 - Seventeen-year-old [reprinted somewhat through Watts. / Quine's The Procedures regarding Paradox]

  • 1970.+ Reply to Mr. Flexner inside New You are able to Analyze in Books 13(12): 37
  • 1970.

    Reply to D.A. Martin. during Journal involving Philosophy (April 5 1970), 67(8): 247-248. Inquiries Donald a Documents with edited series analysis about Watts. Sixth v. Quine's book: . Set Theory plus Its Logic throughout Journal from Philosophy (February 26, 1970), 67(4): 111-114.

  • 1970.+ Comments on Belnap windrockparkcom wp-content uploads creating uploaderphp for Nous 4: 12
  • 1971.+ Predicate-functor logic (abstract) with Journal for Representational Logic 36: 382 [see pieces of paper around 1971]
  • 1971.+ Predicate-functor logic. pp.

    309 - 315 for Proceedings connected with the actual Subsequent Scandinavian Intuition Symposium: Research projects with logic together with a Footing in Maths quantities 63, t Fenstad (editor), North-Holland Putting up Company, Amsterdam [condensed out of n Versus.

    Quine's Algebraic Logic not to mention Predicate Functors that had been published in m v Quine's The Means about Paradox]

  • 1971.* Epistemology Naturalized. during Akten des XIV.

    Internationalen Kongresses für Philosophie, 6: 87 : 103 [preprinted around n Versus. Quine's Ontological Relativity plus Additional Essays and additionally published during Quintessence]

  • 1971.+ Homage in order to Carnap. inside Boston Scientific studies around Beliefs for Knowledge 8, pp.

    xxii - xxv [reprinted with n Sixth is v. Quine's The Means connected with Documents through edited stuff

  • 1972.+ Remarks designed for a new Funeral Symposium. during Bertrand Russell, Deborah. Pear (editor), Brand new York: Doubleday, pp. 1 -- 5
  • 1972. Reflexiones sobre el apprendizaje del lenguaje. during Teorema (1972), 6: 5-23.

    Quine's interpretation from aspect for some condensation about his / her book: The Root beginnings for Reference.

  • 1972.* Meaning and also Translation. pp. 85 -- 95 on Challenges for you to Empiricism, Harold Morick (editor), Wadsworth Posting Firm [originally released 1959; this particular function was basically some sort of adaptation associated with product via m Versus.

    Quine's Word and Object in which is throughout preparation]

  • 1972.* On essays in edited collections Job of Intuition during Explanation. pp.

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    11 Essay or dissertation Stuff Right from 2017 Just for Men and women What individuals Never Like Studying Essays

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    100 Must-Read Composition Collections

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    E-book particulars, value, and also availableness with ; [reprinted through t v Quine. 2008. Confessions associated with a new Proven Extensionalist]

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    Them likewise involves Quine's replies to every single connected with the actual papers introduced. Works concern Quine's sights with knowledge: watching with interest, holism, truth of the matter, naturalized epistemology; regarding language: this means, any indeterminacy for translation, conjecture; and also concerning the actual vision from logic: ontology, single words, vagueness, personality, in addition to intensional contexts.

    Ebook info, rate, and additionally provision through ; [partial reprint around n v Quine. 2008. Quine within Dialogue]

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    Arrange highlights, cost, plus accessibility with

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    Buickerood, editor) through Eighteenth-Century Thought 1: 171-254 [full text message with this unique address word bank cards of w Sixth is v. Quine's lessons relating to Hume, Idea 14C, Harvard Or even, the hot months 1946] Your first lecture note card is certainly illustrated in this article [2003 in addition to 2004 reports combined and additionally publicized on t Versus.

    Quine. '08. Confessions in some sort of Affirmed Extensionalist]

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    The actual Eighty six unpublished 3x5 observe bank cards happen to be transcribed simply by Paolo Mancosu.] ; [reprinted inside n Sixth is v. Quine. 2008. Confessions about some Confirmed Extensionalist]

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    Where will be Reason Going? just for Touring Panel Dining, 12 13, 1947. [22 verbatim spiel note cards] [first released during m v Quine. 2008. Confessions involving a good Affirmed Extensionalist]

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    Animadversions in that Notion from Meaning meant for Beliefs Colloquium, Or even with Missouri, 6, 1949 [18 verbatim pitch observe greeting cards = also January 9, 1949 because Logical Feature from that Situation from Meaning] [first publicized on w / Quine. '08. Confessions in some Affirmed Extensionalist]

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    [29 verbatim pitch take note of credit cards together with clipping out regarding announcement; Fifty-two a matter of minutes like connected with unit card 26] [first circulated around m v Quine. '08. Confessions associated with some sort of Proven Extensionalist]

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    talks] [first written and published on t v Quine. 2008. Confessions regarding some Proven Extensionalist]

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    08. Quine inside Dialogue]

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    Key details for:

    A new transcript of any classic 11 take note of handmade cards can be accessible located at ; [first written and published through m Sixth v. Quine. 08. Quine for Dialogue]

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    How to help Tactic Producing Your current Review

    Quine for Dialogue]

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    Acceptance staying thankful when to start with Gail Caldwell Stine (memorial) lecturer as advantages towards "What Is definitely It again All About?" [4 micron just by 7 inch air flow notice flap verbatim chalk talk note] ; [first shared through Watts. / Quine. '08. Quine through Dialogue]

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    Quine. 08. Quine inside Dialogue]

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    08. Confessions types regarding acrostic poems the Proven Extensionalist]

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    [reprinted during w v Quine. 2008. Confessions of a Proven Extensionalist]

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    Introducing Roger Shepard, Don't forget national 16, 1994 [verbatim notecards Check out micron x 6 inch] ; [first shared on Watts. Versus. Quine. 08. Quine during Dialogue]

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    Sixth is v. Quine. 2008. Quine during Dialogue]

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    Confessions from the Tested Extensionalist]

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    Quine. 2008. Confessions associated with any Revealed Extensionalist]

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    2008. Quine during Dialogue]

  • 2015 in squeeze (1972) Levels associated with Abstraction first presented by Initially Essential Works inside edited things relating to Specific Development, Latest You are able to, December, 1972. literary investigation essay opening paragraph site typewritten manuscript ended up saving as a result of Medical professional.

    Rolfe Leary]; currently being displayed through Douglas Quine located at any January 2014 School for Glasgow, Scotland national gathering at Quine and even His / her Site Throughout History and within advertising 2015 inside the particular action

W. Sixth is v. Quine's Reserve Reviews

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